Monday, September 23, 2013

Not much sleep last night, my partner has the flu and coughed all night. I've been thinking about the distillery and the odd mistake that used to happen.
The Water of Leith on the site of the old distillery. 
When I was on shift as Shift Foreman I got a call at 2am one morning to say that a hose had got caught in an auger that took spent grain away to an outside bin.
I went into work and found about 20 foot of reinforced hose tightly packed into the auger and a very perplexed mashman looking at me and wondering how he was going to get the hose out.
First thing I wanted to know is how did he get it into the auger entrance and then we did a bit of a problem solve and reversed the auger and slowly pulled the hose out. One thousand dollars of hose saved.
Will not do that again! I was told never mind, we just carry on and it never did happen again.
Shift workers are a different breed and I did a lot of years. In fact, I’m still on shift now in a different job.
Take care everyone.

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