Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WhiskyLIVE Paris

We land Friday morning, and by midday Saturday, we'll be pouring NZ Single Malt down froggy throats! Can't wait to see our Single Malt from Otago, in amongst so many legendary whiskies. Take a look at 
Whisky Live is an international event that travels throughout the world all year long, from Shanghai to New York, via London and Johannesburg. Since 2003, Paris has been hosting this event every year during the month of September.
This year, nearly 120 exhibitors from the world of whiskies and spirits are once again expected to attend this key gathering.
Whisky Live Paris 2013 will allow you to discover the world of whiskies and spirits while expanding your knowledge in various ways:
  • Through the tasting of new products, famous traditional blends and collector edition whiskies in an area dedicated to the greatest spirits.
  • Through personal encounters and workshop discussions with exhibitors and renowned experts. Such exchanges contribute to the richness of the event.
  • Through associations and experiences: this year, the emphasis will be on experiences combining culture, history, creativity and tasting. Discovery will abound through pairings with fine food and the exploration of the world of mixology will take shape in many forms.

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