Friday, October 11, 2013

daily blog.saturday.12.10.13

well,first day back at my other job.feels strange to be back.still waking up and wondering where I am.jet lag.feels odd.trying to track down old engineering firm that did a lot of finishing work at the distillery.seems like they havegone off the grid.i am working on this.let you know.also trying to get old newspaper articles about the dististillery,bit difficult.plan in action.well better go.have got another plan for better advertising of our whisky in NZ.take care.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

daily blog.thurs 10.10.13

hi everyone,it appears that after speaking to a lot of people today how little our whisky is out there in godzone.good ol NZ does not drink enough of its whisky because nobody knows where to get it.i will try and sort that.i am suffering from jet lag and have a humdinger of a headache.i will fix that.time for a snooze.i believe that our product is the best ever and whether its a doublewood or a 21yr old,a cask strength or a 25 yr old,it is supreme .you just have to try it.see you later.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

daily blog .weds 9.10.13

arrived at Auckland a bit bedraggled.after 40 hrs,unshaven.a bit of a mess.flight great.singapore airlines are great.good meals and lovely people.convinced a few of the passengers to try the whisky.same old story,they have not heard of it.note to Greg,we need to advertise it more domestically.the world outside of NZ knows.we have agoldmine NZ has to discover what they have.take soon.

Monday, October 7, 2013

flying home.monday.

hi,had to cut short last blog and get on theplane for Frankfurt.Now her and due to fly out at 2100hrs.sitting down having a drink.should be a 21 yr old NZ south island whisky.never mind.met some great people again at the show and had an interview with Dominic Roskrow.a lovely man who is very passionate about our whisky.eric burgess our UK ambassador wasthere,great guy,hi Eric,great to see you.i will miss toy all but maybe if Greg comes back he maybring me thanks everyone.i better go.take care.

Final day spreading the gospel

well here we go again,on the way home this time.the short time at the show was great.but glad to be going home after making so many new friends
Lorne Mackillop did tastings and valuations for previous owners Warren & Deb Preston and knows NZ whisky well!
In between book signings, Ingvar Ronde was very complimentary, particularly the South Island Single Malt
the Dutch Whisky Army just kept coming back & back! they LOVED our Cask Strengths
The Balvenie Team wanted to find out what all the fuss was, and comfort us that the DoubleWood court case doesn't affect friendships. The girl here, KerriAnn's Great-Great-Great Grandfather, worked with Greg Ramsay's Great-Great-Great-Grandfather BEFORE he built a little distillery called GlenFiddich. His name was William Grant!
Andrew from a local whisky society just kept on sipping!

The event owner Sukhinder, is our biggest retailer in UK

 Writer Dominic Roskrow lived in NZ for a while and is looking release his own Limited Edition Independent Bottling of our SingleWood and our DoubleWood at Cask Strength

Not sure who this lady was, but she liked the juice!

Our neighbours Cora and Chris, are getting married this weekend!

We were both completely KNACKERED after so many days on our feet, spreading the gospel of NZ Whisky!

Our other neighbour Andrew Jefford has some lovely English Whiskies and a ready-made laugh for every occassion.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tour of London and Weeing on Queen Lizzie's Lawn

went and had a short tour around the main tourist spots in London this morning.

went to Buckingham palace and got caught up in a fun run for charity.blokes leaving the run for a pee behind the trees,amazing only in London.hope the queen was not looking.

bought some knickknacks then went onto the show.we got there early and a huge crowd met us waiting to get in.everyone loves whisky.we set up and immediately got enveloped by people wanting to taste NZ whisky.met the worlds top whisky bloggers and they are in love with as they say the best whisky at the show.everything from the doublewood to the cask strength 1990 61.7%..totally. Blown away by the reception and the friendship which abounds in the whisky big family all the way.the owner of the show loved our 1998 @46% as did the whisky bloggers who said our 21yr old was amazing.going to get an early night as I am going to the show early and then leaving for NZ at 1705.going to he airport at 1330 .big trip home on weds at 1625hrs.i have been spoiled and have loved this so much.whisky is a passion and I love it .Thankyou.write when I get back.take care.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Meeting Whisky Royalty AND film stars

today was a fantastic day with a totally new crowd of people and me not having to try my bad French.we had the 1993 which was such an amazing whisky with plenty of flavour and my favourite 1990 @ 61.7%,so lovelyand then the 1988 which was Paris the 15 yr old doublewood played centre stage but in London the 1990 was supreme.
another HUMUNGOUS crowd had gathered to meet Cyril
i met my whisky hero today Charles McLean (whisky writer, reviewer and star from movie "The Angel's Share" and "Shackelton's Whisky" doco)
The Who's Who of Whisky wanted to meet Cyril and taste his handiwork
 having already met David Broome. whisky's great writers sharing time with yours truly and having a photograph with great.
Charles MacLean introducing Cyril to whisky critic Ian Buxton

london is just so busy and the passion with the whisky lovers amazing.tomorrow another busy day and yours truly has no voice ,still full of the flu so early night to get some composure and strength t follow my passion as well.bye for now.drink NewZealand Whisky.its great.