Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tour of London and Weeing on Queen Lizzie's Lawn

went and had a short tour around the main tourist spots in London this morning.

went to Buckingham palace and got caught up in a fun run for charity.blokes leaving the run for a pee behind the trees,amazing only in London.hope the queen was not looking.

bought some knickknacks then went onto the show.we got there early and a huge crowd met us waiting to get in.everyone loves whisky.we set up and immediately got enveloped by people wanting to taste NZ whisky.met the worlds top whisky bloggers and they are in love with as they say the best whisky at the show.everything from the doublewood to the cask strength 1990 61.7%..totally. Blown away by the reception and the friendship which abounds in the whisky big family all the way.the owner of the show loved our 1998 @46% as did the whisky bloggers who said our 21yr old was amazing.going to get an early night as I am going to the show early and then leaving for NZ at 1705.going to he airport at 1330 .big trip home on weds at 1625hrs.i have been spoiled and have loved this so much.whisky is a passion and I love it .Thankyou.write when I get back.take care.

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