Monday, October 7, 2013

Final day spreading the gospel

well here we go again,on the way home this time.the short time at the show was great.but glad to be going home after making so many new friends
Lorne Mackillop did tastings and valuations for previous owners Warren & Deb Preston and knows NZ whisky well!
In between book signings, Ingvar Ronde was very complimentary, particularly the South Island Single Malt
the Dutch Whisky Army just kept coming back & back! they LOVED our Cask Strengths
The Balvenie Team wanted to find out what all the fuss was, and comfort us that the DoubleWood court case doesn't affect friendships. The girl here, KerriAnn's Great-Great-Great Grandfather, worked with Greg Ramsay's Great-Great-Great-Grandfather BEFORE he built a little distillery called GlenFiddich. His name was William Grant!
Andrew from a local whisky society just kept on sipping!

The event owner Sukhinder, is our biggest retailer in UK

 Writer Dominic Roskrow lived in NZ for a while and is looking release his own Limited Edition Independent Bottling of our SingleWood and our DoubleWood at Cask Strength

Not sure who this lady was, but she liked the juice!

Our neighbours Cora and Chris, are getting married this weekend!

We were both completely KNACKERED after so many days on our feet, spreading the gospel of NZ Whisky!

Our other neighbour Andrew Jefford has some lovely English Whiskies and a ready-made laugh for every occassion.

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