Saturday, October 5, 2013

Meeting Whisky Royalty AND film stars

today was a fantastic day with a totally new crowd of people and me not having to try my bad French.we had the 1993 which was such an amazing whisky with plenty of flavour and my favourite 1990 @ 61.7%,so lovelyand then the 1988 which was Paris the 15 yr old doublewood played centre stage but in London the 1990 was supreme.
another HUMUNGOUS crowd had gathered to meet Cyril
i met my whisky hero today Charles McLean (whisky writer, reviewer and star from movie "The Angel's Share" and "Shackelton's Whisky" doco)
The Who's Who of Whisky wanted to meet Cyril and taste his handiwork
 having already met David Broome. whisky's great writers sharing time with yours truly and having a photograph with great.
Charles MacLean introducing Cyril to whisky critic Ian Buxton

london is just so busy and the passion with the whisky lovers amazing.tomorrow another busy day and yours truly has no voice ,still full of the flu so early night to get some composure and strength t follow my passion as well.bye for now.drink NewZealand Whisky.its great.

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