Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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monday30th Sept.last day at Paris whisky show.great experience and even managed to try quite a few of the other whiskies from the other show stands.all fantastic with great tastes and very different from each other.hard though to beat good old new Zealand .i might be biased but I still believe that we are the best.our product has great tastes,smells superb and has a huge variety across all of them.1990 is ny personal favorite and at cask strength is full if vibrant flavour and taste.they are all magnificent and if you try them you will see that I am right.time for sleep as we have an early start.i am going to get an hr and a half but that is enough.

we went for a meal last night in a restaurant hosted by an expat kiwi named drew harri.meal was excellent. the area where the meal was in is very old but rich in affluence great stuff.see you later .

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  1. Stoked to hear how much fun you're having Dad and how much everyone loves the Whisky (second best of the show! awesome! :D) - not a surprise of course :D

    Cool photos too :D Have a blast at BenRomach! :D