Monday, September 30, 2013

1st day at WhiskyLIVE Paris

Photo(16).jpgFirst day at the whisky show,what an experience.i have never seen so many whisky drinkers in my life.many with connoisseur tastes about them.the 21 yr old was amazing and the  15 yr old double wood loved by a large majority of our crowd.some said it was soft and easy to drink.the 1990 cask strength,a strong vibrant drop,not for the fainthearted but for the person who liked a strong but hearty taste and a great body.i tried samples myself from my neighbors stalls and they were amazing.had a busy day finishing at 730pm and then had a fantastic meal with visitors organized by the convenor of the whisky show.bit tired now.up tomorrow to do it all over again.i know,its great and I love it.night all.cyril.

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