Thursday, September 19, 2013

Scottish Itinerary - posted by Greg

EXTRACT FROM email to Stephen Rankin at Gordon&MacPhail (one of Scotland's oldest whisky companies)

-We fly in on Tuesday 1st October to Edinburgh arriving late in the morning and will pick up hire car. 

-We'll head into Edinburgh for Cyril to do some sightseeing and i'll visit my Great Aunt. As well as hopefully meeting with Chris Hoban from the E'burgh Whisky Blog, I would very much like to take Cyril to the Balmoral to see the whiskies he made, featuring in their spectacular new whisky bar (which you asked us to contribute stock towards). Can we have lunch/dinner with your charming Lothian rep? The barmen from Balmoral that came to the tasting were just super excited about the whisky, so hopefully they can assemble a few to have a dram with us and quiz Cyril on how it was made, and what unique selling points they can communicate to their customers. We'll have the new 25y.o 46% whisky for tasting, so hope they'll be interested!
-Wednesday we'll drive up through a 10am morning meeting i have in St.A's at the R&A, and push on through some speccy highland scenery to i have to interview a couple who have applied for a position back here in Tasmania. We'll stay the night there probably.
-Thursday we'd love to tour BenRomach if possible? so that Cyril knows he's left Scotland having seen one of the legendary distillerys (Mortlach) and one of the rising stars (BenRomach). As i've already toured B'romach, I would love to get a game of golf in at Castle Stuart or Nairn or Lossiemouth, will you have time to join me? sometime i'd love to do a private tour of Mortlach if we can organise (are you able to make an intro there? they have a pic of my Grt-Grt G'father Gregor MacGregor as head Brewer, before he emigrated - or should i contact directly?) and Elgin for the night. would be great for you/any of your team to meet Cyril for dinner perhaps?
-Friday we'll make our way to Aberdeen and fly out. We'll have a hire car to drop at the airport, so if you want to come across with us to fly down, i know you're good company! There are some mid/late arvo flights i'm eyeing off. Alternatively, we may fly out of Inverness.

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