Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cyril's first contact to The NZ Whisky Company

Hi Greg,
My name is cyril yates,
After reading the local paper..Otago Daily Times dated 27.01.12 I was struck with awe after reading the article regarding the building of a distillery in Dunedin or Oamaru.
I phoned Kaye at The New Zealand Malt Whisky Company and had a lengthy chat with her regarding my employment with Wilson Distillers Seagrams from 1974 to 1995 when we were made redundant.
I had various roles at the distillery and regarded it as my career in life.
I was the longest serving member of staff at the distillery working as assistant foreman for 10 months before returning to my role as shift leader for considerable years.
I would like the oppurtunity to get involved with your distillery and have much to offer.
Kaye has kindly asked me to travel to Oamaru for a visit on Waitangi weekend 6th Feb to talk with her about my knowledge and to show me around which I would enjoy greatly.
I am a young 54 yr old with heaps of knowledge to offer and would appreciate the chance to be involved with a distillery once again.
Kind regards,
Cyril Yates.

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