Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One Day To Go

Wednesday 25th September.
Hi guys,one day to go and the nerves are on fire.

bit of a dither packing but getting it sorted for the the biggest trip that this young fella has had. hey....who said old fella.just kidding :-) !ha!ha.

The whisky shows will be amazing with all the different people there and the large variety of whisky that will be there,the atmosphere that will be in the air,everyone there for the same reason.

To see the world's top class whisky and of course New Zealand’s top class 25 year old which will be launched in Paris.The best in my mind but of course i am biased but i do know our whisky is great.

For me to get offered this trip is truly fantastic and my thanks go out to the NZ Whisky Company and Greg Ramsay for giving me the honour of going. He wants me to upload a piccy of me packing....will see what i can do...Take care everyone.

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