Friday, September 27, 2013

in Paris & Grain Whisky chat

Friday27th.greg and I arrived in Paris this morning after both having 36 hr flights and got straight into the parisienne style and had a good coffee and a chat about the forthcoming show for our whisky and for all the other exhibitors.went to the site for the show and had a good look around.amazing....we also had a launch ride down the seine looking at all the sights .lots of history.back to the site of whisky live to see the progress being made in the setup.bed by 2130.up for over 40hrs time for some rest.take care.cyril.

Greg and I had a great talk on our grain whisky and the variables which came with different years of production.the early grain,74 to 82 had a rough edge and the later years after the 4 column came into existence proved to be a winner as far as flavours and overall consistency entailed in the single and double woods.

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