Thursday, September 5, 2013

Some background info from Cyril

there were only 25 staff total at the distillery,9 on shiftwork,3 in the boilerhouse,plus office staff,sales etc.
We operated 6 days a week,24hrs a day.When the Americans from Seagrams came out we worked solid till they went home again.

The equipment could be anywhere by now as they auctioned everything off. Pity as we had alot of good machinery,vats,stills etc.The gin still went to an old winery so i was told for a pittance of the price.

As i was the youngest staff member in the distillery when i joined the company there are not many staff left.They have all passed away.

I will make some calls and see what i can find out about the staff and equipment.

Have a great day.
Take care mate....Cyril Yates.

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